In a piece about Chloe Sevigny‘s personally designed clothing line on view at Manhattan’s Opening Ceremony, the Guardian‘s Ryan Gilbey writes that while “the 33-year-old Sevigny is tall and slender in tight, dark jeans, black boots and baggy leather jacket, she walks with a slight galumphing awkwardness, planting her feet purposefully as she goes.

“Her face is long and elegantly pointed, offset by a formidable jaw on which you could crack open a bottle of beer. Her droopy-lidded eyes can lend her a docile vagueness, which came in handy during an early run of movies set in the white-trash hinterland (Gummo, Boys Don’t Cry, Julien Donkey-Boy), in which she played characters for whom a move to the arse end of nowhere would have represented unimaginable social promotion.”