Greetings to HE fans and Oscar Poker loyalists (posted on Sunday, 2.26, 10:10 pm):

Podcast-wise longtime HE partner & soulmate Sasha Stone and I have decided to politely and graciously part company, at least for the time being.

HE’s “The Misfits” is the new deal — a Zoom video group discussion thing as opposed to the two-person audio chat that “Oscar Poker” was — it’s now three or four revolving participants per weekly episode, discussing the usual ebb and flow, twists and turns, industry razmatazz, etc.

HE founder and relentless, rat-a-tat-tat author Jeffrey Wells is, as you might expect, a locked-in, never-say-die fixture.

Today’s trio was comprised of Glenn Kenny, author of the forthcoming “The World Is Yours: The Story of Scarface”, “Exit Interview” author Kristi Coulter, and Manhattan & East Hampton movie hound, comedy writer and co-host of “Talking Pictures” co-host Bill McCuddy.

Others will join in as things evolve. We’re playing it by ear for the time being. Perhaps Jeff Sneider and Eddie Ginley will jump in next week or down the road. The door is open. I would love it if I could persuade Sasha to drop in from time to time, but that’s up to her, of course.

You have to visit HE’s Oscar Poker Substack page and join up and listen. McCuddy says 90 minutes is too long, but I’m too whipped to cut it into two segments. I’ll make sure next week’s episode is carved into two shorter segments. Again, the Substack link.