I loathe ethereal, dreamily feminine and generally unpunctuated pop music. Gliding along, un-rocked, non-Lou Reed-ish in a Rock n’ Roll Animal sense of the term. Music that seems dead set against making any kind of thump-crunchin’ sound. Music that seems to summon the candy-assed spirit and attitude of Michael Cera, and which the almost seems to exists in order to counteract and nullify the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll music.

According to Jett and Dylan Wells (as well as HE reader George Prager), the leading bands of 2010 that churn out this kind of sound are as follows:

(1) Passion Pit, (2) Phoenix, (3) matt + kim, (4) Downlink, (5) Datsik, (6) Excision, (7) Burial, (8) James Blake, (9) Diplo, (10) Akira kiteshi, (11) bar 9, (12) Dirty Projectors, (13) Grizzly Bear, (14) Panda Bear, (15) Animal Collective, (16) Beach House, (17) Girls, (18) Arcade Fire, and (19) Fleet Foxes.