The chaos, looting and anarchy that I saw first-hand on Melrose Ave. an hour ago (including a small fire just east of Fairfax that was being put out) had nothing, repeat, nothing to do with the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis last Monday. It was a “get all you can” free-for-all.

Mostly I saw Average Joes with vaguely alarmed expressions standing around and eyeballing the destruction, but here and there I saw teenaged and 20something POCs in masks and hoodies grabbing all they could. Madhouse looting, small stores.

Way to go, guys! — raise high the flag of freedom. Donald Trump says “thanks!”

If poor George Floyd is watching from above, it’s a safe bet he’s feeling a mixture of shame and disgust. (Thanks to the fearless Tatiana Antropova for taking most of these stills and videos.)

Meanwhile in Dallas….

NBC in Los Angeles…

Friend writing from Austin: “The whole situation is disturbing. Americans apparently are just really eager to harm each other. It’s so obvious how many people are doing this for the thrills and that it has nothing to do with Floyd.

“All of these small business owners getting looted just proves how sociopathic some activists can be.”