A 64 year-old Louisiana woman who claims to have been sexually fiddle-faddled by Warren Beatty 49 years ago, when she was 14 and 15 and therefore a minor, has filed a lawsuit against the 85-year-old actor-director.

The alleged relationship between Beatty and the plaintiff, Kristina Charlotte Hirsch, happened, she claims, throughout most of 1973, when Beatty was 35 and 36. Hirsch claims to have met Beatty in January 1973, and was involved in some kind of sexual relationship with him until the end of that year. She claims she and Beatty first met on a movie set — presumably The Parallax View, a paranoid thriller that was shot in ’73 and released in June ’74. Beatty starred; Alan Pakula directed.

Yeah, I know — why wait 49 years to attempt a shakedown? Because of the protection afforded by #MeToo community, for one thing. There’s also the California Child Victims Act, which allows survivors of any age to pursue justice, no matter how old they are, when the abuse occurred, or if their abuser is alive or dead.

The CCV Act has to be acted upon within a three-year window, starting in 1.1.20 and ending on 1.1.23. Hirsch could have filed the Beatty lawsuit as early as 1.1.20, but didn’t then and didn’t for the rest of that year.. She also sat silent throughout 2021 and throughout the first three-quarters of 2022. Her lawsuit was filed last Monday by Jeff Anderson & Associates.