There were two damning moments during tonight’s all-too-brief (22 minutes) interview.

The first happened when George Stephanopulos asked President Biden about Trump currently being farther ahead in general polling (six points) after the debate than before, and about Biden’s reported 36% approval rating. Biden flat-out dismissed these numbers, saying he doesn’t believe them (or more precisely doesn’t want to). Thud.

The second occurred when George asked how Biden would feel if it all goes south and Trump wins re-election. Biden: “As long as I gave it my all, and did the best job I know I can do — that’s what this is about.” Uhm, no, Joe —- there’s also the tiny little matter of a criminal sociopath running the country after you lose. Hundreds of millions will be affected by this potential electoral catastrophe, so it’s about a lot more than you having given your all, you effing blase egotist.