Given the general presumption that certain fellas aren’t exactly into Greta Gerwig‘s Little Women, and given that the film has a robust army of progressive-minded female champions, it’s worth noting certain male critics who’ve stood by Little Women and generally bonded with Gerwig, given her a comradely hug or poke, sung her praises, insisted that reticent males should re-think it and so on.

It’s been observed that Gerwig’s “white knights” include and N.Y. Times contributor Glenn Kenny, Vanity Fair‘s Mark Harris, MCN’s David Poland, N.Y. Times critic A.O Scott, Variety music guy Chris Willman, TheWrap‘s Alonso Duralde, THR‘s Todd McCarthy, New York‘s David Edelstein and L.A. Times critics Justin Chang and Kenneth Turan.

Kenny responds: “I am fine being listed as a booster of the movie, but not as a ‘white knight.’ I’m not being chivalrous. Gerwig [is] a real filmmaker. From my year-end blog post: ‘Guys, it’s good! It’s got mise-en-scéne! I kept hearing about how radical and stuff it was, but what more impressed me about the picture was its genuine tenderness…there’s a rare delicacy of feeling here.'”

Willman responds: “I wouldn’t object to [the white knight thing], although it’s hard to take it as anything other than tongue-in-cheek. Unlike Poland or Kenny, I have no clout in film circles. I should never have gotten caught up in the Twitter debate with [redacted], but it was just hard to resist pointing out that it’s not some kind of even split on the movie and vast majorities really like it just fine. I did not realize I was joining a ‘pile-on.’ Anyway, as there are so many critical voices supporting Gerwig or the movie, mine hardly counts.”