Thanks to everyone who wrote yesterday with get-well-soon messages. And thanks also to David Poland for saying this in person, although his posted get-well-soon is flecked with urine. It’s a character-revealing note, this. Not in my darkest delusional imaginings would I suggest or wish for Poland’s exit from entertainment journalism. It seems tantamount to life itself — the thing that keeps him breathing. It’s how I feel about what I do. But for as long as I’ve known him Rabbi Dave has always spoken from time to time of the desirability of this or that journalist going away…banished, shunned, fired…forcibly expelled into the desert with a measure of bread and water (like Yul Brynner ‘s Ramses did to Charlton Heston ‘s Moses). He’s kind an absolutist in an ancient Middle Eastern sense. A greater part of him wants the sinful to die or have their hands cut off rather than repent or be saved. Such thoughts have never once fluttered into my head. Like any writer worth a damn I speak with passion and even anger at times, but I do nobody harm, I say none harm, I think none harm.