Suspicions are afoot that Disney’s family-friendly Big Hero 6, a spirited, highly “amusing” animated feature about a 13 year-old tech genius and his fat, care-giving robot buddy, might earn more next weekend than Chris Nolan‘s Interstellar, at least as far as the 11.7 to 11.9 period goes. (The Nolan will have a head start by opening on Wednesday, 11.5.) I caught Big Hero 6 last night inside the trustees theatre at the Savannah Film Festival, and the crowd just loved it. Laughing, gleeful, yaw-haw. I hated it, of course. It’s as smart and funny and “engaging” as a film like this could possibly be, but all super-calculated, corporate-minded cartoons send me into tailspins of depression. And yet it’s very well-made. Congratulations to co-directors Don Hall and Chris Williams for having made a lightweight flick that America is going to have a great time with.