There are three 20somethings bantering on my Fairfield-bound train.  They won’t stop giggling at almost every remark, and after a while you can’t ignore them any more.  You have to look up, give them a stink-eye and telepathically ask “what is fucking  wrong with you?” Some people have the serenity and the character to just listen and respond to others according to the funny-tude or intrigue levels or wisdom being shared.  If a laugh or a howl or a chortle is warranted, fine.  But when every other damn sentence is hyuckhyuck hilarious, it’s an indication of a kind of social neurosis. I’m telling you it’s fucking exhausting to listen to these giggly dogs (two dudes and a girl).  I just zapped them with another stink-eye beam — ignored.  I just want you to hurt like I do.