This 8.11 posting from Britain’s Film Ick says Terry Gilliam told a London crowd last Thursday night that a deal for him to direct Paul Giamatti in The Owl in Daylight, an adaptation of Philip K. Dick‘s final unfinished work, is “going ahead.” (My mind is melting & the plaster walls are cracking — I know I wrote a four or five-graph story about the Giamatti-Dick project three or four days ago, and now I can’t find it on the site.) If Gilliam directs Owl it will definitely have a mood and a sense of visual drive and togetherness, but it’s also be off to the races in a non-linear, weird-for-weird’s-sake, impressionistic sense, if you follow my drift. For a lot of people, that’ll be a fine and cherishable thing, but I’ve nearly had it with Gilliam. His movies are always about his brushstrokes first, acting second, story third and intelligibility fourth.