In response to HE’s “13 Best Revolution Dramas” (7.5), a journo friend suggested the addition of John Frankenheimer‘s Seven Days In May, which he says is “still unnerving today, especially now and with Project 2025 seeping into consciousness.”

HE response: “Seven Days in May is not a revolution movie — it’s a political suspense thriller about stopping a military insurrection.

“I love this film also except for the IDIOTIC NOTION that letters showing that Burt Lancaster‘s James Matoon Scott had heated sexual thoughts about Ava Gardner‘s Eleanor Holbrook and vice versa…the totally moronic notion that these letters would halt or hinder Scott’s military overthrow plot.

Sample letter: “Ellie — worshipping your pear-shaped ass is more important to me than money, good health, political power…I want nothing more from life than to carnally possess that luscious pear…perhaps after making exquisite love we can go out together for pear cake in the West Village?”