I don’t think there’s much point in discussing today’s Giver press conference without posting a reaction to the film, but the embargo doesn’t lift for another few days. It was a friendly enough occasion on a social basis. It hit me halfway through that while Katie Holmes has staggeringly beautiful eyes and world-class gams, she’s not the most intellectually confident celebrity I’ve ever heard speak…but that’s okay. She’s fine. It also occured to me that the film’s star, Australian-born Brenton Thwaites, has truly beautiful medium-brown hair. Present: Thwaites, director Phillip Noyce, producer/costar Jeff Bridges, costars Holmes and Odeya Rush, screenwriters Michael Mitnick and Robert Weide, book author Lois Lowry, producer Mikki Silver. Absent: Costars Meryl Streep, Taylor Swift and Alexander Skarsgard.