It’s sometimes unfair how certain stories or phrases or terms have a way of wrapping themselves around the neck of someone who’s encountered press scrutiny. But fairly or not, newly hired Hollywood Reporter editor Elizabeth Guider is going to have to fend off the word “gizmos” — a term that former colleague Tom Tapp says that she once used to describe “computers and Blackberrys” — for some time to come.
I mean, my God, that’s almost like calling them “contraptions” or “doohickeys“! Guider hasn’t reportedly described persons conversant with the nuts and bolts of cyber journalism as “whippersnappers,” but maybe Tapp was out of the room. It’s hard not to regard anyone’s use of the “g” word as a blade of grass that reflects on an entire universe of comprehensions as well as a regarding askance of the whole technological turnover that journalism is undergoing these days. Forward!