7:54: All hail The Descendants for winning the Golden Globe for Best Drama-yamma-mamma! The cheer inside the Fox Searchlight party was deafening. Good thing for FS, for HE and for all Hawaiians, honorary and otherwise. A counter-surge against The Artist or just a good night in and of itself? Hugged Judy Greer, who was of course delighted.

7:47 pm: The DescendantsGeorge Clooney wins for Best Dramatic Actor. Good one! Gracious speech, kudos to Pitt, Fassbender, etc. Classy guy, as always.

7:37 pm: The Artist wins, naturally, for Best Comedy or Musical, but Meryl Streep‘s Best Actress win is a bit of a shocker, as most of the know-it-alls had Viola Davis pegged. I know that Awards Daily‘s Sasha Stone was stunned by this.

7:26 pm : Jean Dujardin wins for Best Actor, Comedy or Musical. Charming fellow, good jawline, nice speech…piffle.

7:18 pm : I drove down to the Beverly Hilton on the scooter, got through security, and am now drinking champagne. No, champagne cocktails! With the jovial Fox Searchlight gang.

7:13 pm: Shocker! Good shocker! Hugo‘s Martin Scorsese wins the Golden Globe for Best Director! What if anything does this signify?

6:47 pm: The Best Supporting Actress Golden Globe goes to Octavia Spencer for her performance in The Help. Which means that Viola Davis is definitely, absolutely winning for Best Actress. Right? They’re both on a roll. Blah speech by Spencer though. She just read names, names, names…nothing from the heart.

6:41 pm: All right, I’m heading down to the Bev Hilton…leaving now. A part of me would rather stay here and just watch & tweet. Eff it.

6:32 pm: The Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language film goes to — yes! — Asghar Farhadi‘s A Separation. The film’s male lead, Peyman Moadi, accompanies Farhadi to the stage for acceptance, but nobody points him out. Farhadi thanks Sony Classics co-presidents Michael Barker and Tom Bernard, calls Iranian people “truly loving”…and lets it go at that.

6:21 pm: Woody Allen‘s Midnight in Paris beats Aaron Sorkin and Steve Zallian‘s Moneyball screenplay? Really? Okay, whatever. I’m not going to put down Allen’s clever screenplay, but it really doesn’t have the spirit or freshness or emotional current of the Moneyball screenplay. Yes, I’m talking about what was written down.

6:18 pm: N.Y. Times reporter Brian Stelter is tweeting that Jon Huntsman is bailing out and “poised to endorse Romney.” The second part is predictable but not very admirable, I must say.

6:14 pm: I agree — the Best Animated Feature Golden Globe going to Tintin is the HFPA saying “sorry, man, but this is the best we can do” to Steven Spielberg in lieu of their inability to raise high the War Horse roof beam,

Tim Robbins‘ silvery gray hair looks really nice with his lean, tanned face against the midnight tux.

6:01 pm: Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy has gone to Michelle Williams for “that hysterical comedy” My Week With Marilyn. (Seth Rogen provided the description.) A mother first, eh?

5:51 pm: Ricky Garvais‘ decision to wear a maroon-and-black tuxedo is, to my eyes, a huge miscalculation. A sartorial nightmare. Maroon jackets, sweaters, socks, scarves, capes…all bad.

5:48 pm: The Artist composer Ludovic Bource has won a Golden Globe for Best Score. And there’s your tipoff about general HFPA Artist sentiments.

5:37 pm: I realize it’s not nice to go where I’m about to go, but…actually, I can’t. I’ve wimped out. The thought concerned Melissa McCarthy. The thought is fairly evident. Sorry but c’mon.

5:22 pm: Nobody in my sphere cares very much about Golden Globe TV awards…sorry. Tens of thousands are paying attention, and that’s fine. No disrespect intended. Wait…Kate Winslet won for Todd HaynesMildred Pierce? I care about that. Excellent work.

5:09 pm: To no one’s surprise and everyone’s approval (except for the hardcore Drive geeks), Christopher Plummer has won the Best Supporting Actor award for his performance in Beginners. And incidentally, the NBC cameras have so far delivered two shots of the Sony Classics table, and I didn’t see Corey Stoll.