From 9.27 review by Little White LiesDavid Jenkins: “Robert ZemeckisThe Walk lays on the cartoon gloss like Vaseline before a marathon, transforming what some may have chalked up as one man fulfilling an incomprehensible life’s calling into a case of wishy-washy daredevilism, a disaster movie with little at stake.

“In Zemeckis’ buttery paws, Phillipe Petit becomes a stock action hero, a twinkle-toed dreamer who is powered by nuggets of old-timey wisdom and screwball serendipity that he acquires along the road to infamy.

“A tone of light comedy prevails from the get-go, with Joseph Gordon-Levitt prancing around on the torch of the Statue of Liberty and teeing up his tall tale like a court jester above his station. There’s the feeling that Zemeckis is in constant doubt that his audience might dismiss this story as whimsical and inconsequential, and so his screenplay — co-written by Christopher Browne and based on Petit’s book, ‘To Reach The Clouds’ — employs a narration whose purpose appears to be to make sure that even a scintilla of ambiguity is neutralized on sight.”