Eight months after debuting at Sundance ’06 and being pretty much praised to the heavens, Christopher Quinn and Tommy Walker‘s God Grew Tired Of Us has finally landed a distribution deal.
National Geographic Films, which “co-presented” March of the Penguins, is pooling forces with Newmarket Films on a plan to open it “early next year”, according to this story by Variety‘s Nicole LaPorte.
NGF “is providing funds to complete the film,” she reports. (What does that mean? Pay off the catering bill? It looked completed to me when I saw it eight months ago.) Nicole Kidman is narrating the doc. Brad Pitt exec produced; Catherine Keener and Dermot Mulroney co-produced.
“We’re a big media company with a lot of different moving parts,” NGF president Adam Leipzig told LaPorte.
Leipzig and his homies saw God at Sundance also (probably the same screening I attended). “We were blown away,” he tells LePorte. “We walked out of the theater and found the agents at CAA who were representing the movie, and said, ‘We have to be involved in this movie.’ It was one of those responses that was instantaneous and completely clear to us.”
And yet it took eight months to put a deal together. Lots of deal points to smooth out, right? Everybody’s gotta get their cut, lotsa lawyers involved. Anyway, fast work!
Will the film at least open sufficiently for it to compete for the Best Doc Oscar? It should.
God Grew Tired of Us tells the story of three young Sudanese guys — John, Daniel, and Panther — all of them refugees from their country’s ongoing, utterly devastating civil war, and members of a massive army known as the “lost boys of Sudan”. The film is about their escape to America to start new lives only to encounter profound longings for home and family, and no small measure of guilt.
The HE piece I wrote about the film last January is called “Lonely Deliverance” — you’ll have to scroll down some.