’s report about Natasha Richardson‘s ski-accident condition, filed at 1:25 pm by Kathy Ehrich Dowd, is sticking to a diagnosis of “serious condition with head trauma” while other reports — two to be exact, and appearing in the New York Post and Time Out New York — are saying Richardson is now brain dead.

A story in the Montreal Gazette says the same thing but apart from reporting about Richardson being up and around after falling during a ski lesson it leans upon Michael Riedel‘s story in the Post for the brain-dead diagnosis.

Time Out New York reported earlier this afternoon that sources close to Natasha Richardson‘s family have indicated that she is brain dead as a result of yesterday’s skiiing accident, but that she hasn’t passed away. They originally ran with a headline that said “RIP Natasha Richardson 1963-2009,” but have since clarified matters.

“Last night it was reported that the actor Natasha Richardson had critically injured her head in a skiing accident at the Mont Tremblant resort outside of Montreal, Canada,” their story now says. “Although public reports have not yet confirmed it, sources close to Richardson’s family and friends say they have already been told the awful news: She will not survive the accident, and is currently brain dead.”