I was almost flabbergasted to discover that Ken Russell‘s Women in Love (’69) still has no Bluray and isn’t streamable on high-def. I don’t know what the hang-up is, but this is obviously a prime candidate for the Criterion or Kino treatment. This is a major landmark in the annals of sensuous cinema (the nude wrestling and fig-eating scenes alone) and one of the most anguished portrayals of the sadnesses and frustrations that plague so many relationships and marriages. One of the most exquisitely designed, profoundly transporting period films ever made. D.H. Lawrence‘s novel adapted by Larry Kramer (yes, the Larry Kramer) and co-produced by Kramer and Martin Rosen. Arguably contains the greatest screen performances ever by Alan Bates, Glenda Jackson and Oliver Reed. (Jennie Linden, who quit acting, is also quite memorable.) Photographed by Billy Williams (Sunday Bloody Sunday, Gandhi, The Wind and the Lion). I last complained about the absence of a high-def version in February 2014, and I will most likely complain again 20 months from now if the situations remains static.