Oscar-nominated Moonrise Kingdom co-screenwriter Roman Coppola is either putting us on by speaking favorably about Gold Toe socks, or, as I suspect, he’s speaking sincerely. If the latter is true his HE stock has dropped a few points. In a 1.12.13 interview with Kempt‘s Ben Reininga, he says “fashion is fantastic” but speaking for himself “if I can’t get it year after year, I don’t want it. For instance, I only wear Gold Toe socks, which I buy at Macy’s.”

In a 4.21.12 post I wrote that “there’s nothing more reprehensible in any men’s clothing department than Gold Toe socks. These are truly the sock of schmucks. If someone takes their shoes off and I can see they’re wearing a pair, I would immediately write them off. Just saying.”

Sartorial issues aside, Coppola is the director-writer of A Glimpse Inside The Mind of Charles Swan III (A24, 2.8), which is why he spoke to Reininga in the first place. I’ll be watching this film very carefully, and if Charlie Sheen, Jason Schwartzman and/or Bill Murray are shown wearing a pair…I’ll leave it at that.