The Golden Globe nominations were announced this morning. (Here‘s the Indiewire link.) Up In The Air accumlated six nominations, and Nine did fairly well with a Best Picture Comedy/Music nomination plus ones for Daniel Day Lewis and the very deserving Marion Cotillard.

The only surprise I’m seeing thus far is their decision to place Meryl Streep‘s Julie & Julia performance into the Best Actress Comedy or Musical category, thus leaving the Best Actress competish open to Carey Mulligan (who’s been strangely losing to Streep in the critics awards so far). Categorizing Streep’s performance as Julia Child under comedy is, of course, ludicrous, but that’s standard HFPA thinking.

They also nominated Streep in the Comedy/Musical category for her It’s Complicated performance, so they’re obviously planning to give her the award.

The only other standout is Tobey Maguire getting Best Actor-nominated for his madman performance in Brothers. Also well deserved.

I can’t be bothered to paste and reformat all the nominees so here‘s the Variety story.