What? NBC And Hollywood Foreign Press Association are going to announce sometime this afternoon that not only is the 1.13.08 Golden Globes Awards telecast cancelled, but the show itself — tuxedos, red carpet, podiums, applause, acceptance speeches, etc. — won’t happen either. Not even happen as a private “senior prom” event. Instead, it will be a bare-bones news telecast of some kind, handled by NBC News. Why not just stage a senior prom? The ego and obstinacy of NBC honcho Jeff Zucker…that’s why.
A rep for HFPA spokesperson Mike Russell told me an official announcement would be coming out sometime after lunch. Order takeout, guys! Have it delivered! 4:31 pm update: Still no announcement!
Broadcast Film Critics Awards co-honchos Joey Berlin and John DeSimio are almost certainly dancing in the aisles and doing cartwheels as we speak. The Golden Globes collapse makes their Critics Choice Awards, which begins with red-carpet arrivals later this afternoon, the only visible awards show in town (along with the SAG Awards).
“The Hollywood writers strike can now claim its first awards show casualty,” Nikki Finke reported about an hour ago. “NBC will not be broadcasting a big Golden Globes show as planned for January 13th. Nor will a much ballyhooed unbroadcasted event be held, either. Instead, a stripped down announcements telecast will be aired by NBC News. It will consist of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association handing out Golden Globes to the winners, who will then pick up the awards and pass through a press room for photos and interviews.”
Presumable this means that Golden Globe after-parties are still happening? If so, where? Not near the Beverly Hills Hilton, right? Because with the BHH now shut down as Golden Globes central (the HFPA uses its ballroom for the event each year), what’s the point?