The Golden Globe Awards will air tonight on NBC starting at 8 pm and run about three hours. I’m hoping to be in a favored position somewhere in the Beverly Hilton complex (I think) and posting as it all happens in actuality, which is to say starting at 5 pm Pacific, If my plan fails I’ll just be chasing after the winners on a category-by-category basis like everyone else (‘s Sasha Stone is pretty fast on her feet in this regard), but without the particular observational eyeball stuff.

I’ll definitely be going to four or five of the post-Globes parties — Paramount/DreamWorks, Weinstein Co., Warner Bros./InStyle, 20th Century Fox, Universal. And I’ll try and throw in observations and photos as I move from event to event. Maybe…if there’s easy wi-fi. At the very least I’ll post all this stuff when I get home tonight. Or tomorrow morning.