According to an article in today’s Taiwan United (which only I can read because I own the necessary question-mark decoding software), the Taiwan (Taipei) Golden Horse Film Festival is angling to invite Gong Lias the festival’s jury president, pending the Taiwan’s News Bureau’s approval. (What the…?) But Li said she hasn’t received any invitation yet, that the job is demanding and tiring, and that she may not have time to do it as “she may play in a big-budget Hollywood film in June, which she’s now in negotiations [about].”

(l. to r.) Gong Li, Steven Spielberg, Harrison Ford

Because Steven Spielberg ‘s Indiana Jones 4 is going to start filming in June, there’s obviously no other conclusion than to presume that it and Gong Li’s “big-budget Hollywood film starting in June” are one and the same. Absurdities aside, I’ll say this — Gong Li is exactly the sort of mainstream Asian actress that Spielberg and George Lucas would be hot for/comfortable with for whatever they might have in mind.