Message sent to Hollywood Reporter award-season columnist Scott Feinberg about an article he posted earlier today (9.3) about Telluride’s response to Manchester By The Sea: “At the end of your piece you’ve written that ‘a Best Picture nomination [for Manchester By The Sea] is possible, although it strikes me as an uphill climb since this is a film that is likely to engender respect and admiration more than passion or enthusiasm.’

“I’m reading the words but they’re not sinking in because they so brutally violate my sense of what this film is and how it’s playing. I just came from a 1:15 pm Galaxy screening and this movie is destroying people — it’s a broken-hearted masterpiece — and you’re saying it’s facing a tough haul to land a Best Pic nomination? Especially in this, one the weakest award seasons in recent memory? You’re astonishing, man.”