(1) Like Bill Maher and many, many others, I too only choke up during movies. What do 93% of us choke up about? Loss — the joy and nectar of life slowly drying up, going rotten, falling away, becoming mulch; (2) Sarandon’s observation about how Twitter fools will just seize on a portion of something you’ve said and distort it out of context is entirely true — it’s happened to me several times, and my response has been to daydream about punching guys out like John Wayne; (3) She and Maher are 100% correct in saying that Bernie Sanders is offering a “New New Deal” — higher taxes, yes, but look what you get; (4) Sarandon doesn’t want to admit that she’ll eat/accept the Hillary Clinton chicken…”those words can’t come out of my mouth at this time…I’m a vegetarian.”