Born on 9.24.93, Benjamin Platt was 23 when he played the titular role (a high-school senior, aged 17 or thereabouts) in the Broadway version of Dear Evan Hansen, which opened in December 2016.

But his playing of the same lead role in Stephen Chbosky‘s Dear Evan Hansen, which was shot in late 2020, happened when Platt was turning 27, and by that point he was just too damn adult-looking. And in the wake of last night’s disastrous Toronto Film Festival screening nobody is buying it. Platt and Chbosky have been all but tarred and feathered for this titanic miscalculation of casting.

Nate JonesVulture review, titled “How Old Does Ben Platt Look in Dear Evan Hansen?“, is a withering dissection and a very pleasurable read.