All local TV newscasters are Stepford robots, but the Boston newscasters are extra-offensive, I feel, in the way they reinforce feelings of fear and trepidation when heavy snow comes along. Every line of copy they read says “uh-oh, be careful, this is a concern,” etc. It’s challenging and inconvenient — okay, unpleasant — when you venture outdoors, yes, but to this Los Angeleno’s eyes snowstorms are beautiful, and not just visually.

Same old corner of Beacon and Clarendon — Sunday, 12.16.07, 8:15 am.

Like any mass imposition of adversity, snowstorms are summoners of the spirit. They bring out the best in people. Boston has been besieged by kindliness over the last few days — people holding the arms of total strangers in danger of falling, pushing strangers’ cars that are stuck in ice and slush, constantly shovelling steps and walkways, being extra-friendly, etc. It’s a very good place to be, vibe-wise.