I’m starting to agree — Sundance ’07 is definitely one of the worst in memory. I’ve seen about 16 or 17 films so far, and genuinely liked/admired five — Once, Grace is Gone, Interview, The Savages and Broken English. I missed yesterday afternoon’s press screening of Son of Rambow (described in Variety as “Billy Elliott directed by Tim Burton”) but now that it’s been picked up for $8 million by Paramount Vantage it’ll obviously be viewable down the road. I haven’t written about any of the crappos and mezzo-mezzos — I’m trying to stick to the ones I’ve given a B-plus grade or better, Most Sundance festivals give up about five or six serious stand-outs. The difference this year is that there haven’t been any double grade-As or even solid As, a la Little Miss Sunshine — the ’07 goodies have all been in the B-plus to A-minus range.