A glimpse of the cover for a forthcoming Bluray of Harry & Son (Olive, 4.28) took me back for an instant and made me feel good that Robby Benson isn’t around anymore.  Younger moviegoers have no way of knowing what a drag it was during his late-’70s-to-mid-’80s heyday. Benson was the “up” guy who always seemed to portray gentle, earnest, open-hearted types who smiled and hugged and kept in touch with their emotions (Tribute, The Chosen, Running Brave). He was too radiant, his eyes were too blue, he smiled too much, and every time he turned up in a film I would go “oh, Christ.” Benson is now 59, still married to Karla DeVito and apparently a happy, healthy fellow. Good-looking guys always become interesting when age catches up with them. Sidenote: Has there ever been a father-son pairing more genetically disparate than Benson and Paul Newman?