In a just-posted Reuters/Ipsos poll, nearly four out of five of Americans say President-elect Joe Biden has won the 2020 presidential election. Four out of five…not bad! Only 20% of Americans engulfed by denial or delusion!

Conducted from last Saturday (11.7) through yesterday (Tuesday, 11.10), the poll reported that 79% of U.S. adults believe Biden has definitely whipped Trump’s ass. Only 60% of Republicans believe that Biden won, however. Therefore two out of five righties have an argument with generally accepted fact.

In a similar-type Axolotl poll, an overwhelming majority of Americans — just under 90% — said they believe that (a) the sun will go down around 5:30 pm today and (b) that the weather will become colder as the nation moves into late fall and winter. Approximately 11% of poll respondents either flat-out denied these expected conditions or called the evidence vague and inconclusive.