Late last March Tim Blake Nelson‘s Leaves of Grass was set to open at Manhattan’s Angelika — a bad place to see a film. But then it was yanked at the last minute. Telepathic Studios had bought distrib rights from First Look’s Avi Lerner, allowing for a much wider opening than Lerner had planned.

Several critics had already posted reviews, of course (including one by the New Yorker‘s David Denby) and they stayed up. I myself had taken a quick dump on Leaves of Grass during last year’s Toronto Film Festival.

And now this broad and mangy shit-kicker stoner comedy has announced a new New York opening, this time at the Village East — a less problematic place to see a film but nothing to crow about — on September 17th. And then it’ll come out on DVD/Bluray a little more than three weeks later. But at least it’ll play in more theatres across the country than it would have with Lerner at the stern.