is running a gallery of choices for the 25 best (i.e., most striking, innovative, eye-catching) movie posters of all time. I could argue or qualify or nominate my own all-time best, but that would occupy two or three hours of my time…forget it. Suffice that a wider and richer assortment (at least 125 posters with comments) can be found at this British site.

But I can’t let this go without a brief tip of the hat to this amazing Downhill Racer one-sheet. The spartan/oblique simplicity of the concept (a wintry backdrop that doesn’t allude all that strongly to skiing, with the dominant image being an arty, black-and-white shot of a couple about to kiss) is obviously aimed above and beyond a mainstream popcorn sensibility. This kind of poster would be totally unimaginable by today’s ad-art standards, which demand an upfront visual directness that any eight year-old can would not only respond to but feel utterly unchallenged by.