I thought there might be a decent riff-and-comment thread in discussing not-very-good films with great-sounding titles. His Kind of Woman, for me, is a total home run title — sexy, romantic, sly, knowing. But it just lies there as a film. I saw it for the first time about two or three years ago and I couldn’t believe how mediocre it was. So I figured there must be several others in this vein.

Then I thought it over and remembered that movie titles are so blunt and utilitarian these days (and in fact have been so for the last several decades) that titles with any sense of lyricism or intrigue are almost nonexistent. Titles like His Kind of Woman, I Died A Thousand Times, Ship of Fools, Out of The Past, Phffft, Bonjour Tristesse, The Bridges at Toko-Ri, Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing, All About Eve and Letter to Three Wives just don’t happen any more.

But if anyone can think of any cool title-bad movie combos from the ’80s, ’90s or aughts, please forward. Or great films with lousy titles…anything.