If I gave a damn about comic-book superhero geek culture, which I very proudly don’t, I’d be asking if the casting of Ryan Reynolds as the Green Lantern for Warner Bros. takes the wind out of the sails of the Deadpool movie he’s also supposed to star in for 20th Century Fox.

If you add the minor fantasy figure of Captain Excellent, the blonde-haired spandex superhero Reynolds played in Paper Man, which opened the Los Angeles Film Festival about three weeks ago, that makes three super-stud roles for the guy. Has any name actor ever played even two separate superheroes in the same approximate time period? If I were Reynolds I’d eighty-six Deadpool. No actor should do more than one.

The Lantern deal also means, of course, that we’re going to have two superhero movies with the word “green” in the title within two years of each other — The Green Lantern and Seth Rogen‘s Green Hornet movie. Isn’t that kind of dumb-sounding?? Is there any chance of George Clooney signing to play The Green Gzornplatt for Sony?