The obviously cool thing about this trailer for Grind House (Weinstein Co./Dimension, 4.6.07) is that it’s been processed to look like a banged-up American International trailer left over from 1973. As I wrote on 10.2, the pic is composed of two high-style wank-off movies in one — Robert Rodriguez‘s Planet Proof and Quentin Tarantino‘s Death Terror. That’s a reference to my getting the titles wrong before, of course. They’re actually called Planet Terror and Death Proof.

Still from Grindhouse trailer; Rose McGowan

The other thing that pops through is how pistol-hot Rose McGowan looks. Her outfits provide at least a portion of understanding as to why Rodriguez mingled with McGowan between takes, a move that led to the end of his 16-year marriage to Elizabeth Avellan . (Thanks to the MovingPictureBlog‘s Joe Leydon for the link.)