You can sometimes tell the difference between born-and-bred Los Angelenos vs. ex-New Yorkers residing here (i.e., folks like myself) by how they walk across crosswalks. I feel guilty in making people stop for me so I hustle across. My East Coast upbringing taught me that cars own the road and that pedestrians should get out of the way as quickly as possible. But L.A. rezzies feel it’s their absolute right to stop traffic because, you know, it’s the law but also because people in cars need to chill and Zen out. So a Los Angeleno on a crosswalk will always take his or her time. No hurry or worry. They’ll saunter across with their flip-flops and baggy shorts and whatever attitude. Much of the time I’ll be sitting there on my rumbling bike and slightly frowning and shaking my head at their smug attitude. A responsible pedestrian in any city always feels at least a twinge of guilt about making drivers hit the brakes, but not here.