This morning Midnight Rider director Randall Miller not only pleaded guilty to criminal trespass and involuntary manslaughter in the accidental death of Sarah Jones last year, but accepted a two-year prison term (he’ll probably walk after a year) and 10 years probation, during which time Miller agreed “not to serve as a director, a assistant director or a supervisor in charge of safety on any film production.” Miller’s rep is toast in this town anyway but now he’s essentially agreed to fold his directing career. It’s theoretically possible that he could return to filmmaking in 2025 but what are the odds? In taking the deal Miller has at least spared his wife, Jody Slavin, from prosecution. Their grief aside, Jones’ family and friends are probably now feeling a certain closure. Miller’s admitted indifference to safety procedures led to Jones’ death, and now that disregard has pretty much killed his career.