Barbie is like the deformed mutated rage child of Captain Marvel, the 2016 Ghostbusters and She-Hulk.

“Watching this film was one of the most miserable, demoralizing, unpleasant experiences I’ve ever had as a movie critic [as it] genuinely made me question where [western] society is heading.

“It is pure brain cancer in movie form, and I was genuinely shocked by the sheer, undisguised contempt that film has for 50% of the human population.

Barbie real]y is a wolf in sheep’s clothing…a lot of parents who have been duped into taking their daughters to watch this, probably expecting the kind of breezy, colorful, family-friendly movie that was advertised, only to find themselves confronted with this spiteful, bitter, mean-spirited pile of misandrist dogshit instead…

“Think of the man-hating psychopaths who are going to be created because of this film.

“If you’re a parent and you’re thinking of taking your kids to see Barbie, the Drinker recommends that you skip this one and literally do anything else with them. Believe me — you’ll thank me later.”

Undisciplined Barbie Gush“, posted on 7.20: “Never has a major studio film ever conveyed such utter contempt for straight guys…in its peppy and good natured way Barbie constantly belittles men and regards them as delusional little boys with selfish and thoughtless agendas.

“Red-staters will have problems with the basic Barbie attitude. This movie definitely tries to nudge the little girls and boys that will see it into the man-hating, male-pitying side of the discussion.

If you want to start your little girl (or your little boy) on a path to despising foolish and idiotic straight men, this is the film to take them to — trust me.

“In a very good-natured and heavily ironic and often comedic way Greta Gerwig‘s movie absolutely DESPISES men. It really does — it’s total propaganda to this effect.”