Nuno Antunes, a staffer at Portugal’s Premiere magazine, reports that the editors announced yesterday that the magazine is shutting down. “We received the news Monday,” Antunes writes, “and were caught by surprise. We’ll be closing the October edition this Friday. Our editor-in-chief made an official statement at our blog. Portugal will [henceforth] be without a movie magazine.”

So what else is new? Magazines are dropping like flies everywhere due to internet incursion. But Artunes believes that the French edition of Premiere is next on the chopping block. The Paris-based publication is where the whole Premiere empire began, so this (if it turns out to be ture) is fairly big news. “It is apparently the intention of the French-based Hachette group to close [other] editions of the magazine, as they did with the U.S. edition,” Antunes writes. “Our internal information is that the French edition is next.”

Here are some links to Portugese news stories about the closing that you’ll need an on-line translator for — story #1, story #2 and story #3.