N.Y. Times reporters Brooks Barnes and Michael Cieply have posted a story about the Sony hacking, which may or may not be related to North Korea’s ire over The Interview, a forthcoming Sony comedy co-directed, co-written by and co-starring Seth Rogen. The story contains three interesting paragraphs:

Tweeted by Seth Rogen on 11.24.

#1: “One person with knowledge of the situation said a Hollywood executive from a company other than Sony had contacted Homeland Security to suggest that the attack might be related to a piracy investigation involving a movie that was not even made by Sony. But the department was not mobilized as a result of the query.”

#2: “The attack apparently did not use sophisticated techniques that might be expected from a hostile government. Rather, it employed a common form of so-called ransomware, according to a security researcher with knowledge of the breach, who did not have permission to speak publicly about the findings.”

#3: “Originally scheduled for release in October, [The Interview] has undergone changes in postproduction that some Hollywood trade publications have interpreted as caution in response to North Korea’s statements. Sony executives have privately said the edits were entirely intended to make the movie funnier.”