The teenage hormonals and cultural cretins are in the process of rewarding the MGM/Weinstein/Rob Zombie Halloween — a $10 million-plus earner yesterday and a projected $35 million grosser by Monday night — and thereby helping to balance the books on all the Harvey Weinstein projects that don’t as a rule tend to bring in huge amounts of dough (i.e., I’m Not There), which is obviously a good thing.

So let’s hear it for ebb and flow and ecological balance, etc. But what does it say about a moviegoing culture that goes apeshit for Rob Zombie’s latest but will, in all likelihood, blow off or minimally patronize The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford when it opens three weeks from now?

Fantasy Moguls’ Steve Mason is declaring that Halloween “will easily become the all-time #1 4-day Labor Day weekend champion, but who could have guessed that it would come in 44% above previous record-holder Transporter 2?” And it’s probably the first box-office breakout Malcolm McDowell has been in since Blue Thunder or Time After Time.

So it’s good news all around and I recognize that Zombie is is a respectable craftsman, but getting flush off a movie like this is like lining your pockets from selling heroin.