“When was the last time a film led in total nominations and got shut out of Best Picture, Director and Writing, as Dreamgirls was this morning?,” asks Hollywood Wiretap‘s Pete Hammond. “The answer, going back to the Academy’s beginnings 79 years ago is…never (at least as far as we can tell).
“‘We did everything we could (to get the Best Picture nomination),’ a truly dejected DreamWorks consultant lamented after the announcement.
“Of course those three, count `em, three Best Song nominations ballooned the total Dreamgirls noms, making composer Henry Krieger the most nominated person of the year, garnering by far the biggest number of song nods ever for an adaptation of a Broadway musical. (The original B’way musical tunes aren’t eligible — only the ones written for the film.)
“Although it was a somewhat bleak morning overall on the Dreamgirls front, it could have the last laugh by winning the most Oscars. The film has great shots for supporting actor (Eddie Murphy), supporting actress (Jennifer Hudson), Costumes, Art Direction, Sound and the aforementioned songs. It just might turn out to be the biggest winner of the evening if that’s any consolation right now to the DreamWorkers.
“The fact now remains however the Academy once again gave up it’s chance to honor a film starring all African American actors as Best Picture (ironic in a year that includes five African-American acting nominees).”