That Tom Hanks-Julia Roberts midlife crisis movie that Rachel Abramowitz wrote about on 1.12 for the L.A. Times is called This Is Larry Crowne. The project began as a story by Hanks and Nia Vardalos. Vardalos wrote some drafts on her own, and it was then revised by Hanks. Abramowitz says Hanks will direct.

Crowne is about “a man re-inventing his life at middle age…enduring a midlife crisis and joining a kids’ Vespa gang,” Abramowitz wrote. (I only just got my copy today.) “Roberts plays an instructor at a school that Hanks’ character enrolls in.”

The a.k.a. script title is Harry Brown — Toast of the Town. Hanks and Vardalos most likely ditched this when they heard about Michael Caine‘s Harry Brown film.