When I first bought my Nissan 240 SX in the mid ’90s, a fill-up cost $28 or $30…something like that. Before I moved back to NYC in late ’08 a tank cost $40-something. Food prices are definitely going to rise. People need to start growing their own vegetables. I’m glad to have a bicycle in good repair.

My ex-wife Maggie and I used to have a view like this from our place at 8682 Franklin Ave. We lived there from mid ’87 to late ’88. Jett came along in June ’88. We moved to Maggie’s apartment in Santa Monica to save money, and then bought a home in Venice at the end of ’89. Pic taken last night around 10 pm.

On the set of Rio Bravo in 1958. Angie Dickinson, 27 at the time, was under a “personal contact” to Howard Hawks. Hawks was 62 at the time. He was first and foremost a film director but he had his fancies and appetites, like any well-heeled, well-connected Hollywood player. Todd McCarthy would know.