I was so overjoyed by losing the services of my second Windows laptop today (incredible dumb luck for both of them to crap out in the space of two weeks) that I forgot to even try to get my tickets to Avatar Day. The Avatar site crashed soon after the noon Pacific/3 pm Eastern deadline, of course, but I just tried to get a pair for the 7 pm Leows Lincoln Square showings on Monday and the site didn’t laugh and tell me to forget it.

I have to admit that one of the reasons…okay, perhaps the reason why my second laptop stopped working and may in fact be dead is because I bitch-slapped it a couple of times. It was acting all gummy and sluggish so I slammed it with the palm of my hand a couple of times. Remember how Han Solo whacked the Millenium Falcon when it wouldn’t start up in The Empire Strikes Back? Anyway, what’s done is done so I had to buy another one today. $500 bills and change. Much bigger hard drive, more memory, etc.