When asked about Donald Trump‘s blizzard of bullshit about “the wall”, Sen. Kamala Harris, who’s definitely running for President in 2020 (hence the new book “The Truths We Hold”), said, “I was a prosecutor for many years including California attorney general, and I specialized in trans-national criminal organizations…that wall ain’t gonna stop them!”

The last six words got a huge response from the View audience, mainly because Harris briefly broke out of her tough prosecutorial persona and said them like an earthy, no-bullshit woman of color.

How black is Harris? The answer is “partly to somewhat.” She’s the daughter of an Tamil Indian mother, Dr. Shyamala Gopalan Harris (1938–2009), a breast cancer researcher and daughter of an Indian diplomat, and a Jamaican-American father, Donald Harris, a Stanford University economics professor. You certainly can’t call her “street.”