One of two clips captured of Weinstein Co.’s Harvey Weinstein at this evening’s Martinez Hotel product reel & mike-time presentation. Black-and-white silent footage from the highly-anticipated The Artist was shown. Sarah Jessica Parker introduced a five-minute reel for I Don’t Know How She Does It. The Wu Xia gang showed up and took a bow. But there was no Iron Lady footage!

After it ended I retired to the Martinez Hotel bar/lounge to upload videos and photos. This is definitely one of the Hot Babe meccas. They stride through the lobby in groups of twos, threes and fours. And they all sit in the bar for two rounds, spending 13 or 14 or 15 euros per drink. And then they leave. The guys in this place are all older, Euro-coozy types — longish hair, black loafers or pumps, slick duds and smoothie attitudes. Some guys, okay, are on the youngish twentysomething side, but not that many.

The only differences between Dave Germain’s white pass and my pink-with-a-yellow-dot pass are (a) the whites get to sit in a speciaily reserved row (or two or three) at the rear of the Lumiere and/or Debussy, and (b) something else that I can’t remember. Free tickets to black-tie screenings?

I don’t know the Wu Xia guys that well but Weinstein Co.’s Pantea Ghaderi helped out: (l. to r.) Takeshi Kaneshiro, director Peter Chan, Donnie Yen, Wei Tang, Kara Hui.