The latest installment in Roland Emmerich‘s world-ending idiot franchise (20th Century Fox, 11.13). The height of putrid paycheck performing by John Cusack. A simultaneous appeal to the Biblical End of Days crowd and liberals convinced that global warming will usher in the worst. The usual nausea, in short.

But there’s something about massive heaving seas that fascinates me. The CG looks better than it did five years ago in The Day After Tomorrow, and much better than the work in Independence Day. I hate myself but I know I’ll be seeing this

There are real-life echoes, of course. Watch this series of iceberg-collapsing clips. Each one is accompanied by chumps going “whoaaaa!” or “Hey, I got it on video!” It’s pure entertainment for these bozos. Not once does anyone say, “Jesus, you read about global warming and hear Republicans try to deny it’s happening on the news shows but to see it live…wow.”