Unfiltered Robbie, rephrased in boldface by yours truly: “When Tom [Ackerly] and I sat down to read the script….I mean, oh wow, okay, I’m loving it…I mean, it began with a Kubrick reference…but it’s gonna be haard to persuade [the studio] to let us do this and I don’t know that this is what Mattel had in mind, but they’re nnever gonna let us make this because of the jokey, mock-ironic current of anti-straight-male misandry that runs all through it…it’s such a shame that this brilliant piece of writing will never see the light of day.”

At the very least her chat with Oppenheimer‘s Cillian Murphy reminds that Murphy’s My Favorite Martian, alien-from-Betelguese performance in Oppenheimer was in fact a calculated performance. He’s actually human on his own terms.